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Note: I do not claim most of these photos as my own. Only those that are photos of myself and those I know personally.
hahaiwonttell asked: 1, 3, 13, 22, 24, 47, 48 :)


1) Full name?

          A: Nikolas Steven Swett

3) 3 Fears?

          A: Being alone. Not being strong. Loss. 

13) Favorite Color?

          A: Green. Pink.

22) Eye Color?
          A: Brown

24) Favorite style of clothing?

          A: DenimDenimDenim. Plaid. Boots.

47) Do I like music loud or at a reasonable level?

          A: LOUD (mostly)

48) Do I live with my mom and dad?
          A: HELL no. 

its-twatever-deactivated2014072 asked: 90,96,154 ;)


90) Failed a class?
A: I have never ‘failed’ a class. However, regular grades are 70^ as a C/passing. I failed out of nursing school because I made 70’s and they require over 73 (If I recall the number correctly). So technically I have, but not in my eyes. I gave it the best I could. Shit is hard!

96) Bullied someone on the internet?

A: I really hope not. If I have, I apologize. It is cowardly to attack someone through a medium that lacks a direct face and emotion.

154) Something I fantasize about?

A: Right now? Just being held and kissed like it will never disappear. Fully appreciating every second of it. Just feeling love. 


YAS! Exactly how I see things! CHAAA!

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Just don’t forget me.

Sincerely, Me

This is to us. I  will always love you. May fate bring us together. May fate keep us apart. Time will put us where we belong. xoxo

Be safe.

Sincerely, Me

I keep thinking…

Maybe if I can find someone really hot, to replace you. Someone older. Someone more mature. Someone you will hate…

But the truth is, I don’t want someone hotter or in any definition of ‘better’. I fell in love with ‘you.’ Trying to make you jealous or angry is not going to make you love me the way you should or the way I want you to. You have to do that on your own.

You’ve hurt me in a way that one else can and in a way that no one should ever treat another human being. You live with that. You’re not a good person. Not now at least. Just know that when shit gets real and it gets bad for you (and some day it is) I will still be here to catch your tears, even though you wont be here to catch mine.

Remember that. Maybe then you’ll know what it means when you say “I love you” to someone. Until that day, or if that day comes, I’m learning how to live without you. Not with another man, but alone for a little. Until someone can show me that the truly love me.

I was hoping that would be you.

Time tells the future, and the future isn’t over just yet.

My chin will be high.

Goodbye for now. 



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